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Rembalcom, established in 2003, is a specialist in manufacturing Polyethylene Stretch Film using state of the art cast technology, as well as 3 to 5 layer Blown Technology for the production of shrink wrap.

The total annual production is up to 35,000 tons.

Rembalcom uses rigorously selected raw materials for obtaining high quality film with thicknesses from 6 to 30 µm (24 a 120 gauge).



a) Nano films having 400% stretching capacity;

b) XT Coreless, as well as the other nano products - X-Trem40, Xtra30 and Xtra25, made of 33 layers;

c) Xlight which is a pre-stretch film with and without core with thicknesses between 6 to 12 µm(24 to 47 gauge).

The flagship products X-Trem40 and XT Coreless feature up to 33 layers.













Offer our customers Polyethylene Stretch Film and 3-5 layers Shrink Film with Blow technology with the use of high-tech cast lines, as well as raw materials rigorously selected in view of obtaining high-quality films.


Be a reference in the global market by strengthening and expanding its presence in particular through quality and constant innovation, satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and other market players.