Rembalcom's pre-stretch - Xlight - is produced from a high quality stretch film.

Either for manual operation or for machine use, Xlight is an effective way to protect goods carried on pallets and represents a very substantial saving for the user, both in cost and in amount of film. Xlight has great memory, which results in perfect load stability.




THICKNESS: 6 to 12µm (24 to 47 gauge)

PRESENTATION: Machine and hand film

WIDTH: Maximum 500 mm (20 in)

COLOR: Clear, White, Black


CORELESS: Available





  • Easy application – only requires a minimum strength to wrap the pallet.
  • Lighter rolls.
  • High resistance to puncture.
  • Allows a reduction in the amount of film used, thus lowering the cost of packaging.
  • Environmentaly friendly, because the weight of film used in the packaging is substantially lower when compared with Standard stretch film.
  • The Xlight is applied moving forward, minimizing the risk of falls.



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