With Rembalcom´s new innovative XT Coreless® hand wrap system, you will wrap your pallets manually faster, consistently, easier and at lower costs. This system is an innovative way of wrapping pallets by hand, using XT Coreless® and LiteWrapperXT® combination.



  • Consistent wrapped pallets;
  • Fast wrapped pallets;
  • More pallets wrapped with 1 roll;
  • Less stock and storage costs;
  • Excellent force load;
  • Ergonomic way of working;
  • Waste reduction.



















Developed with nanotechnology, the XT Coreless® is a manual pre-stretched film that achieves its maximum results with the use of LiteWrapperXT® dispenser.

This dispenser activates the film by adding an extra until 30%  of stretch, which brings the film to the optimum point of elasticity/ memory to achieve a strong and consistent holding force. You can use the XT Coreless® till the very end, so there is no waste.



The stronger XT Coreless® film will allow you to wrap more pallets with 1 roll: with the LiteWrapperXT® dispenser you can wrap your pallet in less than 1 minute, walking forward and without bending.

Our qualified distributors provide on-site training for your operators to get the best results.

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